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cheftommyandjohnAre you curious what kind of cookware our Chefs use at home? If you are looking for a cookware set, here are a few recommendations from the Chef John and Chef Tommy.

When asked which his favorite cookware set was, Chef John didn’t hesitate to recommend his favorite Swiss Diamond reinforced cookware set. He ensures that through using this set, food comes out with an authentic flavor. Also, he adds that this set comes with very good non-stick pans that are very convenient for frying eggs and pancakes.

This Swiss diamond set comes with a Swiss diamond frying pan that has proved very effective in John’s frying sessions. He said that this pan fries and releases food without sticking on its surfaces. The pans are also very easy to clean because food particles do not stick onto their surfaces. The life time warranty is another good aspect to look out for in cookware sets, Chef John said with a chuckle.

This aluminium set is rather majestic. So you may want save up if you’re considering it.

Chef Tommy on the other hand, recently bought a Calphalon non stick cookware set at $200. He said that it is very good at heating food evenly without sticking.He quotes that the handle is sturdy but it is not as good as that of some pricier sets. However, Tommy said that this set is very cool to touch and this makes it easy to cook with the pan even at very high temperatures. This Aluminium set is very durable and strong. Like the Swiss, this set too comes with a 10 year warranty.

Both Chef John and Tommy agree that research is the best way you can learn about all the offerings on the market. Googling terms like the best cookware sets for 2017 or the best pots and pans of the year will be certain to turn a plethora of results. So, let the reviews guide you to your very own cookware set.

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