I don’t look at a knife the way I used to. I’m more aware of what it is. I think twice. This is a key finger. It’s in every chord. Neil Young

The best German knife is a thing of beauty. It is skillfully crafted and manufactured to perfection, Since I was such a huge fan, I thought it would fun to compare two block sets of German kitchen knives brands and find which has the best quality. I chose to use both of the knife sets for a duration of three months. The knife sets were the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star II 7-Piece Knife Set and the Black Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Knife Set which comes with an Acacia Block. If you don’t like the Acacia wooden block, you can purchase a set that comes with the Blackwood or Walnut block.

The Knives You Get

The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star II 7-Piece Knife Set came with a 3-inch paring knife, a 5-inch serrated utility knife, a 5-inch hollow-edge Santoku knife, an 8-inch chef’s knife, a pair of kitchen shears and a 9-inch sharpening steel.

The Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Knife Set came with a 3.5-inch paring knife, 6-inch utility knife, an 8-inch bread knife, 8-Inch chef’s knife, a honing steel and a pair of kitchen shears.


The Legendary German Knives Appearance

There were many similarities between both of the knife sets. Both knife brands made their forged knives full tang with an extra mass of stainless-steel end caps. The handles were also made from high-impact polypropylene user-friendly handles. However, the Wusthof knives were secured to the blade by three rivets.

I preferred the Wusthof handles because no matter how hard or soft I gripped the handles, it stayed in my hands as if they were glued to them. Even though the Henckels was nice to hold on, I didn’t feel confident in slicing ingredients as it was also slightly lighter than the Wusthof.

The Blade and Balance

Both, the Wusthof and Henckels, knives were very well-balanced. I think this is because they have full bolsters. Both knives edge were also very sharp and I had accidentally cut myself with both knives. However, the weight of the Wusthof knives especially the chef knife made it sliced through vegetables and big chunks of meat effortlessly. The Henckels was also easy to slice ingredients but I always find myself searching for the Wusthof to get the job done.


Both of this knife sets are almost the similar price. I recommend you getting the Wusthof because not only do I love it, it comes with a lifetime warranty which I think is very beneficial. To maintain the condition of these knives, do dry them after washing even though they’re stain and rust resistant. If you’re intimidated by the Wusthof, you can give the Henckels a try since there’s not much difference.

Getting the best knives for chefs

The tool makes the man and likewise for a chef. Knives are very important for chefs and could make or break the quality of a dish even if the ingredients are all perfect. Chefs are also often seen having their own personal set of knives, treating it almost like a prized possession. The best knives for chefs despite their high quality and grade, are easily available and you can buy them online too.

Make of Knives.

The best knives for chefs are often a push and pull decision, where some are inclined towards Japanese blade knives while others lean towards those originating from Germany. Both countries are world renowned for their knife making skills and have an ardent following of chefs from all over the world mainly for the reliable quality and finish that they offer.


To be considered as a good or excellent knife, it is never just all about the blade and how sharp it is. The grip that the tool provides is a key element as well. A sturdy rivet not only is able to handle pressure, it also offers durability and precision in the way the knife can be handled, giving the right and adequate kind of feel to chefs where they will not require much effort to wield it.

Culinary style.

What kind of knife works best for you as a chef also boils down to what culinary style you fall under. The kind of knife and the best knife for a pastry chef is clearly very much different from a chef who is dealing with tough meats all day. Each culinary style requires a varying level of style and precision which makes it hard to classify the best kind of knives for chefs in general.